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  • Kristy March 22, 2011  

    Robin!! I just had to write you! Thank you for writing such an informative, amazing blog about bi-polarism. The love of my life has been struggling with depression, anxiety, “bad choices” and mood swings his whole life. He has always felt alone & misunderstood… and in most ways didn’t understand himself or know what was truly going on. We both believe he is bi-polar and is now seeking professional help with a psychologist. I have been researching the internet / books etc. for over a year with ways to try and get him the help he needs, plus educating myself about depression/anxiety/bi-polarism… and also ways to be a better partner to him, by understanding & supporting him. We have a very loving relationship but like your blog states there were MANY emotional rollercoaster times that I coulnd’t quite understand and took personally for a long time. (About 1 year). Even though I knew it didn’t feel it was about me… I was still affected deeply by this loving man turning cold as stone sometimes. My boyfriend self medicated his last 10 years with pot, alcohol, cigarettes sometimes cocaine and sex. As you can see.. this was a very bad cocktail for someone with bi-polarism OR anyone for that matter!
    Reading your posts make me feel like there is hope for him and our relationship. I will follow it religiously now. Thanks so much. It’s great that you have such an amazing understanding of yourself and are thriving so well. My heart to you 🙂 thanks!

  • Robin Mohilner March 23, 2011  

    Thank you Kristy for sharing your experience and gratitude!

  • Elaine January 1, 2012  

    Thank you for a great website. I was in a five
    Year relationship with someone I loved more
    Than anything. We have been broken up now
    For two years. I truly internalized her actions, words and feelings towards me. It was an extremely traumatic experience. I was diagnosed with PTSD after the break up. By reading your website I now understand the situation clearly which facilitates being able to forgive her as well as myself for all the chaos that occurred. While we are not together and she ignores any attempts to communicate, I feel at peace with what happened. Thank you for your work:)

  • Ashley December 18, 2013  

    When I am hitting a low spot, I often research my bipolar to an obsession. In the prosses I found this site and it has helped in amazing ways. I understand ME a little better & i can express it to friends a little better (they still dont get it). THANKS!