I meet you where you are – home, phone, office or community – because I fully understand how difficult it can be to get to therapeutic services when experiencing mental illness.




Through empathy and care, I meet my client’s where they are and use the tools of evidenced-based approaches, including Cognitive Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to support my clients’ and develop coping skills.

Cognitive Therapy focuses on the beliefs, thoughts and stories people tell themselves that support and strengthen the experience of mental illness.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy supports developing people’s awareness of the present moment and developing functional skills based on being present.

I encourage my clients to share with me thoughts of suicide and experiences of psychosis.



Art Therapy

Through the process of making therapeutic art, clients’ are able to tap into and develop their coping skills for responding to mental illness and tracking their progress.



I support clients in getting their responsibilities accomplished in spite of not feeling like it or being afraid.

Recreational Activities

I support clients in becoming active in the world by doing recreational activities with my clients.