“I think team Thrive is something AWESOME” shared by team member – Achtland

I think team Thrive is something AWESOME.

All of you on team Thrive are the only ones I have in my life that I come too, when I am losing it.

I know people do think of any kind of therapy as a rip off. But its NOT! people whom say that, dont understand the value in it, they fear it. They have never needed it maybe or felt they have. See it as a place of weak minded people who should be ashamed a business that sucks those people dry. But its NOT!

I know team thrive isnt therapy, but it sits in the same category.

I mean I needed therapy when I was abused but didnt want it. I needed therapy when I left HS and GOT farther into my depression. Because of it I got a JOB again and I began LIVING again, because I was able to see I wanted to live and not die.

I had to learn How to be comfortable around people to work. I had to face my fears and therapy helped me do that.


Right NOW I need therapy, because I wanted to do better in school and in life. Tired of the self helplessness I felt, and now I know Im bipolar. ANd now I am ABLE to LIVE again… I am now older and don’t have a support group within my life who can understand and or wants to. SO I have Team Thrive!!!


And you do need money, its is not wrong to ask for it. You have a real Job you have a real and useful education, that you worked hard on. This is your dream, just keep being proud of it. Do not let these people who say this to you get you down. You are on the right track to living your DREAMs. So only cry for the moment. And pitty them. Also there will be people who get mad and leave. Do not see this as a failure on your part.


I know when I get angry I do not think straight and when I get offended i leave. WE all walk away from different things for different reason. Some of us stronger then others. So it is okay to not always win against the battle. It is okay to not be able to get someone else to understand or see your views. Or even agree with you. WE are human, and there is no mistake in it.


Someone told me once that EVERYONE is rooting for you to fail. Because it is so easy to fail. But when you don’t you surpass their expectations. People will be there for you to tell you have failed and people will be there to tell you you have made it. But no one will be as sad or happier then you. why should anything matter more then what you want.