INSPIRATION: Life lessons that developed my WILL & DRIVE to THRIVE. Inspiration to thrive with bipolar disorder.

team THRIVE!  So many of people on our team have shared with me that they struggle with finding the motivation…the will and drive…to be persistent.


This will be a work in progress…

Here is what builds my ability to be persistent:

Each of us gets to find what motivates us…this is just for inspiration



Life Lesson: I am FULLY Responsible

I am innocent to the circumstances I was born into. I am innocent to what happened to me and what happened within me that was caused by my genes passed onto me by my ancestors.

Bipolar disorder is not my fault…neither is any of the trauma and loss that has occurred in my life.

I am FULLY responsible for how I respond to what happens.

I am FULLY responsible for the choices I make.

I am FULLY responsible for the limits I place on myself every time I use the words “I CAN” or “I CAN’T”.

I am FULLY responsible for every word that comes after “I AM…”. Those words define who I can be.

I am FULLY responsible for the energy and attitude I bring to people and situations.

I am FULLY responsible for how I use OR don’t use my talents, abilities and gifts in my life.

I have no control of the OUTCOME of my efforts. I may do my best and still miss my mark, but at least I’ll learn what doesn’t work.

BUT…I am FULLY responsible for my effort.

Not making the effort in my life to do what ever it takes to thrive is choosing failure.