“Depression, You Are The Great Liar” by Julie Farmer

Depression, you are the great liar.

Backing me into a dark corner where only I can hear you.

Your accusatory voice like curling smoke from your vile mouth

Away from the safety of the ones who love me.

You beat me with a cudgel of intimidation

Telling me I am no good; do not belong here.

You throw all of my failures into my face like hot searing acid; burning me alive with shame.

Cold and alone in a corner, I cower, curled up with my back to dank rough stone.

The room is dark. I can’t find my way out.

You taunt me

I am too weak both physically and mentally.

I know you are waiting to take the final prize

You want me to give up

Who are you to try and take it all away from me?

You will not be there to help pick up the pieces for those left behind if I go

You will not provide for my children, cheer their triumphs or soothe them in my absence

Don’t you reach out your cruel hand for mine

I will not meet you in this dark place

I’d slaughter you, as you would me.


Written By Julie Farmer,

member of team THRIVE